Welcome to KEEPERS,
The Nursing Care & Dementia Care Specialist​

At KEEPERS, we offers 24-hour assisted living, nursing care, and dementia care services by our certified nurses and caregivers. Our commitment is to provide each resident with personalized, exceptional, and compassionate nursing and caregiving services that prioritize their individual needs and preferences.

We Assure To Love & Care Your Loved One’s​

Our team are professionals & well-trained in all aspects of assisted living & nursing care, especially on dementia care, palliative, physical & neurology rehabilitation & many more. We are here to support you as your family caregivers, so your loved ones could enjoy a dignified life.

KEEPERS Specialised Care & Assisted Living Care Centres

At our care centres, we provide 24-hour specialised care, assisted living care and dementia care by our certified & professional nurses & caregivers. Currently, we have 3 centres in Penang.

KEEPERS Wellesley Assisted Living & Rehabilitation Centre

KEEPERS Concordia Dementia Care Centre​

KEEPERS Specialised Care Centre

Our Services

We are committed to providing indivdualised, compassionate & exceptional services for our clients & their families.

KEEPERS Specialised Care & Assisted Living Care Centres

At our care centres, we provide 24-hour specialised care, assisted living care, dementia care and more, by our certified & professional nurses & caregivers. Everyday, our residents will enjoy nutritious meals prepared by our dedicated & talented chefs.

Currently, we have 3 centres in Penang:

KEEPERS Private Nursing & Caregiving Services to Home

We also offer nursing & caregiving services to clients’ own home. Our certified nurses are qualified to provide in-home health care & palliative care services. All care plans are individualised to suit our clients’ needs.

KEEPERS Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Care​

We also provide physical therapy & rehabilitation care to help patients to deal with restoring function, strengthening, and improving fitness. Rehabilitation will helps on treating disabilities, helping patients recover from medical conditions, and allowing them to live without assistance.

KEEPERS Brain Analysis & Neurofeedback Therapy​

Brain Analyisis & Neurofeedback Therapy helps to achieve a better mental state and ability to handle stress, focus, memory, self-control, coordination, and other mental functions that we want to improve. Neurofeedback therapy is now available at our KEEPERS Centres. Open to public as well.


David Sivapatham
Client, on KEEPERS Concordia
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“KEEPERS Concordia constantly organise activities for their residents. This is so important for dementia patients. This keeps us in the loop on our loved one's progress at the centre. This includes any health concerns they may have on our loved ones. Happy to have chosen KEEPERS for our mum as they specialises in persons having dementia.”
Laura Riordan
Client, on KEEPERS Concordia
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“Great location, lovely staff, well planned activities, a homely atmosphere are the reasons why KEEPERS Nursing & Caregiving is a five star facility. It is s place where your loved ones will be well taken care. We are fortunate to have found this home for our mum.”
Dania Dania
Client, on KEEPERS Wellesley
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“They are worth to give a high rate because of their patience, friendly and compassion. The environment is clean and good, the food is good.”
Shirley Low
Client, on KEEPERS Speecialised Care Centre
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"Enviroment is clean and good. Staff nurses are friendly, patience and compassionate. Food is good!"
Hooi Tan
Client, on KEEPERS Concordia
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"I am so glad that I found KEEPERS center for my mom end of last year! Special thanks to the Staffs there. Without them, all of us will not survived the tough time. They had been patiently listened to our problems and given my mom lots of attention. You all make us all feel like we are family and you care so much about my mom."