We aim to provide the best service, care, and match for you.

the greatest gifts we can offer to our loved one.

Though we are glad to help and feel rewarded when our loved one is well taken care, it can be very tiring and demanding. Over time we can become exhausted and stressed from juggling between our jobs, personal responsibilities and caring for the loved one. Especially when caregiving roles and demands are impacted by a number of other factors such as illness, not being able to stay in together, and minimal support from the society.

This is where Keepers comes in.

We provide care giving and nursing solutions, to help family members balance work and family responsibilities, assist elderly members to live independently and comfortably in their home. In also delays costly hospitalization and nursing home placement. Our caregiver and nurses are well trained and know exactly what to do in emergency.

KEEPERS serve clients across all sectors in Malaysia. We give off ourselves and provide a much needed service in home health. We venture into hospitals, various care centres whenever our clients need. We provide a convenient, cost saving alternatives to extended hospitalization and prevention of readmission.

Assisted Living

Trained caregivers provide assistance with medication management, activities of daily living, engaging programming, and coordination with outside healthcare providers.

Independent Living

Although most elderly people prefer to remain in the privacy and comfort of their own home, there are quite a few seniors that require a Care Giver while living in their retirement homes, community centers.

Additonal Services Upon Request


Not able to get a day off for lengthy discharge process, doctor’s review, or just for a trip out of town, therapy session? We would be able to assist.

Pill Potting & Medication Refill

We take care of the prescription refill and prepack it according to day and dosage timing. Saving family member needs to run to pharmacy and also reduce medication error with our prepackage system.
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