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What is the difference of companion caregiving and private nursing?

Private Nursing:

A private nurse provide medically necessary skilled nursing care to individual. We send our pool of experienced, carefully selected nurses to home, supporting clients with special medical needs to remain safely at home and avoid hospitalization.

We assess, monitor and assist in the transition of acute care setting to the home. The services may include rehabilitation, therapeutic or palliative care, ventilated cases, and those who required iv therapy etc.

Companion Caregiving:

A junior caregiver on the other hand supports non-medical care that helps individual with his/her daily living. Such as bathing, toileting, dressing, eating and some light, patient- related housekeeping, to provide a clean and safe environment at home.

Senior caregiver / assistant nurse are capable to offer limited skilled nursing care to their patient, such as simple colostomy care, nasogastric tube feeding etc

Differences between Keeper’s caregiver and live in domestic helper

Keeper's Caregiver:

  • Trained for specialized care
  • Able to deal with emergencies, provides first-aid and CPR
  • Observes patient condition, report when necessary
  • Supported by experienced nurse managers 24/7
  • Proper background screening
  • Trustworthy required minimal supervision
  • Minimal communication barrier
  • Personality match with patient, take care of patient’s social and emotional well-being

Domestic Helper:

  • Limited training or none
  • Limited to basic care
  • Limited to the helper basic knowledge
  • Follow family instruction
  • Varies, depending on the agency
  • Required certain level of supervision
  • Varies with the country of origin and educational level
  • Mainly task oriented

Common Inquiries Asked:

How do I hire your service?
  • Call us or fill up the assessment form.
  • Fix an appointment for nursing assessment, we will need to meet the patient.
  • Suggest and discuss with you for an agreeable care plan.
  • You decide on the level of support and we send in the team.
Can the caregiver provide nursing or medical care?
  • Our junior caregivers are not allow to perform any nursing related skills.
  • Senior caregivers who are assistant nurse are only allowed to perform procedures that abide to the assistant nurse Code of Conduct.
  • Only staff nurses who are registered with Malaysian nursing board are allowed to perform specialized nursing procedures and medical care. We have a pool of highly qualified and well trained nurses for high dependency patient required invasive therapy.
What if the patient / family member are not happy with the caregiver?
  • If the case arises, we will investigate and try to solve the issue with your current caretaker. If that does not help, we shall arrange for a replacement.
How do you select a suitable caregiver for the patient?
  • After proper nursing assessment and determine the level of care needed, we will screen our caregiver / nurses for a good personality match and skills required to care for the patient.
  • This ensures you and the patient will get necessary assistance and care needed to maintain a safe and enjoyable lifestyle.
Can the caregiver do housework and take care of other family members?
  • Our caregiver needs to concentrate and provide good, specialized care to the patient and therefore they are unable to take care of other family member and household chores.
  • However they will support the patient with their specific household tasks, including preparing simple meals, doing their laundry, cleaning up their rooms etc.
  • Should you required care for more than one patient in the same household, please discuss with our clinical manager individually.

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